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Magna Carta and the Rule of Law around the World — Panel 2: The Unsteady Spread of the Rule of Law

June marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the “Great Charter of Liberties” that King John of England agreed to and that aimed to limit the Crown’s power. The Magna Carta exerted a significant influence on the development of the common law in England and subsequently in the United States. Richard Helmholz will explain the emergence of the Magna Carta, describe its substance, and discuss its impact on the rule of law in England. Roger Pilon will speak about the charter’s importance to the United States. And Tom Palmer will discuss similar charters in other parts of medieval Europe. Other speakers will address the unsteady spread of the rule of law around the world: Richard Pipes will describe the case of Russia, Swami Aiyar will discuss India’s experience, and Juan Carlos Botero will give a global overview of progress and challenges based on the Rule of Law Index.