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Libertarianism #ThroughGlass: Using Google Glass to Change Policy

The advent of wearable tech creates huge new opportunities for liberty advocates to engage in innovative strategies for changing policy. At the same time, the inherently invasive nature of the technology invites a number of serious privacy and legal concerns. Google Glass has particularly stirred up controversy, with several high profile confrontations between users and skeptics making national headlines. How can this exciting technology best be used to advance liberty, without harming individual rights to privacy?

Join three freedom fighters doing hands‐​on work with Google Glass for a live‐​streamed lunchtime presentation, followed by a private Q&A session.

Come prepared to share your own experiences and join in the discussion with other digital strategy and new and social media professionals. You can also follow along the conversation on Twitter using #NewMediaLunch.

Kat Murti
Associate Director of Audience Acquisition and Engagement