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Health Care University

Tuesday, May 30

The Basic Economics of Health Care and Insurance Markets

Featuring Peter Van Doren, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Former professor of public policy at Princeton, Yale, and UNC–Chapel Hill

Public debate about health care is often very ill informed about what insurance markets can and cannot do and what effects health care expenditures actually have on morbidity and mortality. This session will explain to Hill staff basic facts and concepts essential to the understanding of insurance and health care markets as well as the political struggles that accompany them.

Wednesday, May 31

How Not to Reform Health Care

Featuring Michael Tanner, Director, Health and Welfare Studies, Cato Institute

In reforming health care, policymakers should follow the principle “First, Do No Harm.” There are many proposals for health care reform that will do more harm than good. This session will look at some of them: a single‐​payer system, employer and individual mandates, insurance regulation, and managed competition.

Thursday, June 1

Liberalizing the Private Health Care Sector

Featuring Michael F. Cannon, Director, Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute

Health insurance grows increasingly expensive, and the number of uninsured continues to rise. Is there relief? This session will focus on the problems faced in the private health care sector, how public policy contributes to those problems, and how free‐​market reforms can make medical care and health insurance more affordable and more valuable.

Friday, June 2

Reforming Government Health Insurance Programs

Featuring Michael F. Cannon, Director, Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute

Today’s struggles with Medicare Part D will look like a walk in the park once Congress begins to grapple with large numbers of baby boomers entering the Medicare program. The federal‐​state Medicaid program poses similar problems. This presentation will introduce Hill staff to those programs and suggest market‐​based reforms that would save taxpayer dollars and improve the quality of care.

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