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Fall Fables & Fallacies: The Truth about Free Trade

Scapegoating trade for problems real and imagined is nothing new. Blaming foreigners for domestic woes ingratiates politicians to excitable elements of the electorate and helps them direct voter anger away from their own records. But this year the rhetoric has been especially disparaging, with candidates from across the spectrum perpetuating noxious fallacies about trade, its purpose, and its beneficiaries.

Among the prominent myths in circulation this year are that trade is a national competition between Team USA and the foreign team; trade destroyed U.S. manufacturing; the trade deficit means the United States is losing at trade; outsourcing hurts the U.S. economy; and, trade agreements only benefit big corporations and the rich.

Join us for a special presentation where we will set the record straight and take a clarifying look at the many misconceptions swirling around in conversations about U.S. trade policy.