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Digital Trade: Challenges and a Way Forward

The emergence of new actors, technologies, and avenues for commerce has greatly transformed the trade landscape. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the digital space has quickly become part of our daily lives, allowing us to safely communicate, work, and conduct business with minimal physical contact. However, the digital economy faces a number of challenges as governments grapple with different approaches to managing this fast‐​growing area. While some countries are taking actions to restrict digital trade, others are pushing for international rules that facilitate digital trade and services, avoiding the possibility for too many divergent rules in different markets.

This panel will discuss the obstacles and opportunities for digital trade: How can governments balance the promotion of an open digital environment with their desire to protect privacy and counter cybersecurity threats? Is there a possibility for multilateral or plurilateral consensus on new rules? And what do we stand to lose if consensus on a baseline set of rules cannot be achieved? Join us for a deep dive into this timely issue.

Christine Bliss
Stephanie Honey
Hanna Norberg