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Costly Crops: Opportunities to Reform the Farm Bill

Congress is considering a major farm bill this year to extend the current multi‐​billion‐​dollar array of subsidies. The last farm bill—in 2014—created two new crop subsidy programs that have cost more than promised. Meanwhile, the crop insurance program has soared in cost and provides handouts to millionaire farm households. There is also concern that crop subsidies harm the environment and undermine America’s international trade relationships. In the wake of the bloated omnibus bill and rising deficits, will Republicans support more giveaways to well‐​off farmers? And will the Trump administration defend its proposed agricultural reforms and push back against subsidy advocates in Congress?

Scott Faber
Daren Bakst
Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and Editor, Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

Matt Weibel
Director of Government Affairs