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Cato in the Courts: Wall Street Edition

In the years since the financial crisis, lawmakers and regulators have turned their attention to the financial sector, passing new laws and imposing new restrictions throughout the sector. Many of these provisions are now being challenged in the courts. In MetLife v. FSOC, for example, the insurance giant has taken on the government’s controversial Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) designation process, winning in the lower court and now pursuing an appeal. And in Timbervest v. SEC, the Court will consider whether the SEC’s administrative proceedings have started to erode due process. In the fervor to “rein in Wall Street” that followed, did these new rules go too far, stretching the Constitution to its limit? Join us as we discuss the importance of several key cases poised to impact the financial sector, and Cato’s role in serving as amici in these and other cases.