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Building Foundations for Freedom, Commerce, and Peace in the Middle East

Although Americans generally think of global trade only in terms of economics, the free exchange of goods and services between nations can also have important political effects. With America’s attention increasingly turned toward the Middle East, the role of free trade in sparking peaceful reform must not be forgotten. To counter the threat from al‐​Qaeda we must fight with ideas as well as bullets.

Cato senior fellow Tom G. Palmer, who has recently made three visits to Iraq, will be joined by Rep. Paul Ryan of the Congressional Middle East Economic Partnership Caucus and Zainab Al‐​Suwaij from the American Islamic Congress for a discussion of the importance of trade and ideas in furthering the twin goals of economic freedom and geopolitical stability. At the event the Cato Institute will unveil its Arabic‐​language edition of the U. S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution.