Is This What ‘Amnesty’ Looks Like?

Featuring Caleb O. Brown and Austin Bragg

S. 744 http://​www​.gpo​.gov/​f​d​s​y​s​/​p​k​g​/​B​I​L​L​S​-​1​1​3​s​7​4​4​e​s​/​p​d​f​/​B​I​L​L​S​-​1​1​3​s​7​4​4​e​s.pdf
For RPI points: Section 2101 / For green card: Section 2102

Opponents of increased immigration say the main bill being debated in Congress is nothing more than “amnesty,” a free pass for unauthorized workers.

The real implications of the bill are far more complex.

An immigrant in this country illegally can qualify for “registered provisional immigrant status” — a work permit — if he …

was in the country prior to 2012,
pays any and all outstanding tax bills,
goes through national security and background checks,
AND pays a thousand dollar fine and a 500 dollar fee.

Only then will he get a work permit — which is valid for six years. But if an immigrant wants to continue working in the United States after that … he’ll have to apply for a new permit and …

Pay another 500 dollar fee,
Prove that he’s been employed during the entire 6 year period at no less than the federal poverty line,
And prove he’s paid all necessary taxes.

That permit is good for just four years. After that, an immigrant can apply for a green card, right after he.…

proves can speak English
proves he hasn’t been on welfare
passes another round of security and background checks,
pay all the normal fees associated with a green card.

… and he’ll only get his green card if the federal government has met all of its various immigration enforcement goals …

Does that sound like a free pass to you?

Video produced by Caleb O. Brown and Austin Bragg.