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Surveillance Reform in the Next Congress

Podcast audio: https://​www​.cato​.org/​m​u​l​t​i​m​e​d​i​a​/​d​a​i​l​y​-​p​o​d​c​a​s​t​/​p​r​o​s​p​e​c​t​s​-​s​u​r​v​e​i​l​l​a​n​c​e​-​r​e​f​o​r​m​-2015

Amendments to reform NSA surveillance powers have narrowly failed in the last two years. U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R‐​Ky.) is confident the next Congress will be more supportive of reform efforts. On the just‐​passed trillion‐​dollar “CRomnibus” legislation, Massie says there is very little for fiscal conservatives to like.

Video produced by Caleb O. Brown and Austin Bragg.