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National Security Implications of New Oil and Gas Production Technologies

Follow the link to view the full event video: https://​www​.cato​.org/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​-​s​e​c​u​r​i​t​y​-​i​m​p​l​i​c​a​t​i​o​n​s​-​n​e​w​-​o​i​l​-​g​a​s​-​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​i​o​n​-​t​e​c​h​n​o​l​ogies.

A major new study investigates how changing trade flows and energy revenues affect U.S. national security via two potential mechanisms: shifts in U.S. bilateral relationships with oil‐​exporting countries and disruptions in regional security. Join us as the lead researcher, Eugene Gholz, presents the findings, followed by comments and discussion among experts in the field.