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Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks Discusses the Tea Party Movement


The American enterprise system grew to be exceptional because of the principles on which it was built — individual freedom, decentralized knowledge, and accountable, constitutionally limited government. But, says Matt Kibbe, politicians in Washington have systematically replaced the dispersed genius of America with top‐​down dictates and expensive schemes designed to expand the power of insiders and protect the privileged positions of politicians, bureaucrats, and their cronies. In his new book, Kibbe proposes a different path. “Decentralized freedom” can return America to its founding values by breaking up centralized government’s monopoly on power and returning it to where it belongs: with We the People. Kibbe exposes the privileged collusion of Washington insiders and maps out a proven plan for how to return power from the self‐​appointed “experts” back to the people. Kibbe was dubbed by Newsweek “one of the Tea Party’s masterminds.” Please join us for a fresh and exciting look at past and coming changes in American politics.
Matthew B. Kibbe