Nearly 10 years ago, the Cato Institute published Global Tax Revolution — laying out a comprehensive strategy for tax changes that would fuel American competitiveness, growth, and success in the world’s marketplace.

With the passage of the largest federal tax overhaul in decades, much of what the book energetically set forth has now come to pass. While the new tax legislation may have flaws, at its center are key corporate reforms that have been long overdue. Global Tax Revolution — detailing how to energize the U.S. economy by embracing competition and overhauling the federal tax code.....on tax changes, now becoming realties, that can significantly help business and workers succeed in the global economy — underscores the effort and impact of Cato’s decades-long work to educate policymakers and the public on tax reform and economic growth.

In addition to reading/downloading Global Tax Revolution we also invite you to also explore the wealth of other resources Cato has created on this vital subject.

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