Capitol Hill Briefing

Willing Workers: How to Fix the Problem of Illegal Immigration

January 28, 2004 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST

B-369 Rayburn House Office Building

Featuring Rep. Jeff Flake, (R–AZ); and Dan Griswold, Associate Director, Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato Institute.

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On the heels of legislation proposed by Reps. Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe and Sen. John McCain, President Bush earlier this month announced the most ambitious plan in decades to revamp the nation’s immigration laws. Many of the ideas in the president’s proposal were put forth in a study by Cato’s Dan Griswold. The president’s plan would create a legal channel for foreign workers to enter the United States temporarily to fill jobs that American‐​born workers don’t want and grant temporary legal status to millions of workers living and working here illegally. Come hear an in‐​depth discussion of the president’s immigration plan by one of the cosponsors of the reform legislation and the author of the Cato study.