What's New in State Tax Policy? Pro-Growth Reforms vs. Special-Interest Breaks

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Noon (Lunch Included)

Featuring Chris Edwards, Director of Tax Policy Studies, Cato Institute; David Brunori, Executive Vice President, Tax Analysts; Joseph Henchman, Vice President, Tax Foundation; moderated by Laura Odato, Director of Government Affairs, Cato Institute.

Capitol Visitor Center Room SVC201-00

The Cato Institute recently released the "2012 Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors," and one of the findings is that many states are pursuing tax reforms. Numerous states have passed, or are considering passing, income tax cuts, property tax cuts for businesses, and cuts to sales taxes on investment. The bad news is that there has also been an explosion in the use of special-interest "tax incentives," which are making tax codes more complex and inefficient. Chris Edwards will discuss the results of the "Report Card," while David Brunori and Joseph Henchman discuss the pros and cons of recent changes in state tax policy.

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