Capitol Hill Briefing

What now for the EPA?

Date and Time
July 7, 2003 12 - 2 PM EDT
B-339 Rayburn House Office Building
Featuring Richard Stroup, Author, Economics: What Everyone Should Know about Economics and the Environment (Cato Institute, 2003) .

The resignation of EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman has launched an overdue discussion of the agency’s track record and where environmental policy might go from here. At the same time, the Republican Party still searches in vain for a distinctive approach to environmental protection that might prove saleable to both upscale suburban voters and traditional Republican voters in the resource extraction industries of the South and West. In his new book Economics, Richard Stroup, professor of economics at Montana State University, argues that the federal government has done a poor job protecting environmental resources and that it has eschewed innovative policy approaches that are embraced by a growing number of academics and policy analysts. Professor Stroup will explain why our environmental laws have failed America and how we might go about doing a better job of protecting nature.