Policy Forum

What Next for Argentina?

Date and Time
February 8, 2002 1 - 2:30 PM EST
1st floor/Wintergarden

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A four‐​year recession, a freeze on bank deposits and other capital controls, the largest sovereign default in history, the collapse of its currency board, and a steep devaluation have caused social unrest and widespread violence in a country that was once heralded as a model of emerging‐​market stability. With no end in sight to that chaotic situation, Eduardo Duhalde, Argentina’s fifth president in a little over a month, has yet to articulate a clear and coherent program for reform. Please join us as our distinguished panel of speakers discuss the options for Argentina as it tries to emerge from a deep political and economic crisis.

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Featuring Steve H. Hanke, Johns Hopkins University; Michael Mussa, Institute for International Economics; Kurt Schuler, Joint Economic Committee; and Michael Gavin, UBS Warburg.