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The Welfare State We’re In

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Featuring the author, James Bartholomew, columnist for the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail; with comments by Dr. Wendell Primus, Senior Policy Advisor on Budget and Health Issues to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Moderated by Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Health and Welfare Studies, Cato Institute.

“A splendid book. A devastating critique of the welfare state. A page‐​turner, yet also extensively sourced. I congratulate Mr. Bartholomew.” – Milton Friedman

In this controversial book, James Bartholomew argues that the welfare state in Britain has resulted in a generation of badly educated and dependent citizens, leading to lives of deprivation for thousands and undermining the original intent behind its creation in the 1940s. Has the welfare state really led to more harm than good? What does this imply for the ever‐​expanding welfare state in the United States?