Capitol Hill Briefing

In the Wake of King v. Burwell: Options for Congress

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Date and Time
July 9, 2015 12 - 1 PM EDT
2168 Rayburn House Office Building
Featuring Michael Cannon, Director, Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute; Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute; and Christie Herrera, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Government Accountability; moderated by Peter Russo, Director, Congressional Affairs, Cato Institute.

The Supreme Court’s decision on King v. Burwell validated President Obama’s massive power grab, allowing him to tax, borrow, and spend $700 billion without congressional approval. This establishes a precedent that could let any president modify, amend, or suspend any enacted law at his or her whim.

As it stands, Obamacare will continue to disrupt coverage for sick Americans until Congress repeals it and replaces it with reforms that make health care better, more affordable, and more secure. Despite the ruling, Obamacare remains unpopular with the American public and the battle to set in place a health care system that works for all Americans is far from over.

Come hear leading scholars discuss the impact of King v. Burwell on health care reform, separation of powers, and the rule of law.