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Ten Myths about School Choice: Answering the Campaign against School Vouchers

Date and Time
March 14, 2002 1 - 2:30 PM EST

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While many parents can choose neighborhoods with good public schools, many low‐​income parents must send their children to schools with low levels of academic achievement. The movement to improve the educational options of low‐​income children has been met with a barrage of criticism. In this book two veterans of the school choice movement expose in detail what they call the inaccuracies; half‐​truths; distortions; and, occasionally, outright lies that opponents are using in their campaign against school choice. Please join us for what should be a thought‐​provoking discussion about school vouchers and the voices for and against them.

Featuring the coauthor, Kaleem Caire, Black Alliance for Educational Options; with comments by Quentin Lawson, National Alliance of Black School Educators; and Casey Lartigue, Cato Institute.