Policy Forum

The Supreme Court at Midterm

February 25, 2003 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST


Featuring Thomas Goldstein, Partner, Goldstein & Howe; Erik S. Jaffe, Erik S. Jaffe, P.C; and James L. Swanson, Editor in Chief, Cato Supreme Court Review.

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The Supreme Court is almost halfway through what promises to be one of its most noteworthy terms in recent years. Since October the Court has heard oral arguments on cross burning, copyright, punitive damages, regulatory takings, three‐​strikes laws, federalism, abortion clinic protests, and other high‐​profile issues. Still to come are oral arguments involving commercial speech, sodomy, library filtering and obscenity, and affirmative action. And we should know soon whether the Court will consider the politically charged Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, or any of the cases arising from the war on terrorism.

Please join us for a lively discussion of the Court one day after it returns from its midterm recess. Our panelists will review the most important opinions handed down to date, identify the major cases remaining on the docket, and analyze the factors driving media speculation about the possible retirement of one or more members of the Court.