Book Forum

Space: The Free‐​Market Frontier

(Cato Institute 2003)

Date and Time
April 16, 2003 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Featuring Edward L. Hudgins, The Objectivist Center and Editor, Space: The Free‐​Market Frontier (Cato Institute 2003); Buzz Aldrin, ShareSpace and Apollo XI Astronaut; James Muncy, PoliSpace; and Courtney Stadd, Chief of Staff, NASA.

As questions are raised about the future of the American space program, it may be an opportune time to reconsider the role of the private sector. Just as private entrepreneurs made personal computers and the Internet accessible to everyone, private enterprise should be given the chance to make space accessible for commerce, science, and recreation. Come hear Cato guest speakers discuss the need for Congress to remove barriers to private space efforts; suggest free‐​market ways for NASA to spend its funds; and lay out a vision for how to make America a space‐​faring society as outlined in the Cato Institute book, Space: The Free‐​Market Frontier.