Policy Forum

Social Security: Is It “A Crisis That Doesn’t Exist”?

October 5, 2000 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT


Featuring Andrew G. Biggs, Social Security Analyst, Cato Institute; Mark Weisbrot, Coauthor, Social Security: The Phony Crisis; Richard Jackson, Senior Advisor, The Concord Coalition; and Eugene Steuerle, Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute.

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Will the Social Security crisis ever arrive? Some observers argue that Social Security’s projected insolvency is simply the result of pessimistic economic assumptions by the program’s trustees. Would faster economic growth save Social Security? Today’s roaring economy causes many people to question the need for Social Security reform, but could ignoring the problem when times are good make it even worse once the Baby Boomers retire? Four Social Security experts discuss the future of the nation’s public pension program.

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