Is Slow Growth the New Normal?

Policy Forum
October 29, 2013 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT

Hayek Auditorium

Featuring Brink Lindsey, Vice President for Research, Cato Institute; Tyler Cowen, Professor, George Mason University; and Martin Baily, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; moderated by Annie Lowrey, Reporter, New York Times.

The sluggish recovery from the Great Recession raises a troubling question: is this the new normal? Tyler Cowen launched an ongoing debate of that question with The Great Stagnation, in which he argued that the “low‐​hanging fruit” of growth has already been picked. In a new Cato paper entitled “Why Growth Is Getting Harder,” Brink Lindsey offers an analysis that differs from Cowen’s but shares his conclusion that slow growth will be hard to avoid in the coming years. Martin Baily, one of the world’s leading experts on productivity, is optimistic about the future of innovation but cautions that other factors can hold growth back. Please join these experts for a stimulating discussion of a vitally important issue.