Book Forum

Size Matters: How Big Government Puts the Squeeze on America’s Families, Finances, and Freedom (And Limits the Pursuit of Happiness)

(Nelson Current, 2006)

Date and Time
February 2, 2006 1 - 3 PM EST
Featuring the author, Joel Miller; with comments by Jonathan Rauch, Senior Writer, National Journal, Author, Government’s End; and moderated by Stephen Slivinski, Director of Budget Studies, Cato Institute.

The federal government grows each year. Taxes rise and regulations pile higher — and our quality of life suffers. Bristling with data and drama, Size Matters warns of big government’s measurable negative impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. The book argues that excessive government reduces family income, drives up the cost of housing and health care, hurts employment, and stifles vital marketplace creativity and innovation. Please join us for a discussion of how the federal government impedes the pursuit of happiness with the author, Joel Miller, and award‐​winning journalist Jonathan Rauch.