Should the United States Go to War against Iraq?

Policy Forum
December 13, 2001 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST

Hayek Auditorium

Featuring James Woolsey, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency; and William Niskanen, Chairman, Cato Institute.

Recently, President Bush remarked, “I stand by these words: Afghanistan is just the beginning.” And he stated that Saddam Hussein “needs to let inspectors back in his country.” When asked about the consequences of not letting inspectors back into Iraq, President Bush replied: “He’ll find out.”

These remarks could be interpreted as similar to the ultimatum Bush gave the Taliban to turn over bin Laden or share his fate. But should the U.S. go to war against Iraq, especially without conclusive evidence linking Iraq to the September 11 attacks or the subsequent anthrax scare?

Our panelists will discuss whether war against Iraq is inevitable, reasons for and against such a war, and options other than war.

Download a transcript of this event.