Publication Practices for Transparent Government: Budgeting, Appropriating and Spending

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Noon (Lunch Included)

Featuring Craig Jennings, Director, Federal Fiscal Policy, OMB Watch; Jim Harper, Director, Information Policy Studies, Cato Institute; and Erich Zimmermann, Senior Policy Analyst, Taxpayers for Common Sense; moderated by Brandon Arnold, Director, Government Affairs, Cato Institute.

122 Cannon House Office Building

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In the Internet era, the public expects a more transparent government, but Congress and the administration do not perform their budgeting, appropriating, and spending functions in ways that facilitate public oversight and participation. The government could make the flow of spending authority and dollars vastly more transparent by publishing fiscal data consistent with practices such as authoritative sourcing, availability, machine-discoverability, and machine-readability. Join us for the release of an assessment of the federal government's fiscal data publication practices and a discussion of how Congress and the administration can make these functions more transparent.

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