Property Rights on the March: Where from Here?

Date and Time
December 1, 2006 10 AM - 1 PM EST
Featured Speakers: Roger Pilon, Vice President for Legal Affairs, Cato Institute; Steven Anderson, Director, Castle Coalition, Institute for Justice; Steven J. Eagle, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law; Ross Day, Director of Legal Affairs, Oregonians in Action; Richard Mersereau, Director of Policy, California State Assembly Republican Caucus; Carol W. LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America; and Hon. Bobby Harrell, Speaker, South Carolina House of Representatives.

When the Supreme Court decided the infamous Kelo case nearly a year and a half ago, it lit a fire under a property rights movement that had been growing for years in America. Since then, 31 states have enacted measures to better protect property rights. And in the November elections, voters passed 9 of 12 property rights measures on the ballots, often by overwhelming margins.

But there is still a great deal to be done if property rights are to be protected as they were meant to be under the Constitution. In several states government can still take private property for almost any reason it chooses. In far more states government can still strip owners of their rights with impunity. And governments are rapacious in other ways too, as is evidenced, for example, by the “deprivatization” efforts afoot in parts of the nation.

To address those issues and reflect on where the property rights movement might go from here, the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies has drawn together a number of legal experts and movement figures. Please join us for a look at the future of the property rights movement in America.