Private Cemeteries, Memorial Crosses, and Liquor Licenses: Another Supreme Court Term in the Books

Live Online
Monday, July 1, 2019
12:00 – 12:30PM EDT

Featuring Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies; moderated by Caleb O. Brown, host of the Cato Daily Podcast.

What do private cemeteries, memorial crosses, and liquor licenses have to do with your personal rights and freedoms? According to the latest Supreme Court rulings, quite a lot.

With another Supreme Court term reaching its end, the Cato Institute’s highly successful amicus brief program, led by Ilya Shapiro, once again made a blockbuster showing.

Ilya led Cato in filing 86 amicus briefs in 2018; of those, 19 were in cases heard by the Supreme Court and another 36 asked the Court to take the case. This term Cato filed 16 briefs on the merits and went 12–4, handily beating the federal government’s record of 12–11.

In this Sponsor eBriefing, Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies, will highlight some standout cases from the latest Supreme Court term, providing insights on how these rulings will impact your individual freedoms and future court cases. He’ll also be discussing the Gorsuch/​Kavanaugh split, voting blocs, and more.

But this discussion will also rely on your questions and observations for Ilya’s response. Please submit any questions or comments ahead of time in the form above or send them to Brian Mullis at bmullis@​cato.​org. Please note that it isn’t necessary to download any software to watch the briefing online, and you don’t need to reserve your spot. You will also be able to submit questions and comments during the event by typing them into the interface on the webpage.

If you have video problems during our discussion on the 1st, please refresh the page and try playing the video again. If any problems persist please contact Josh Ferencik at (202) 216‑1465 or jferencik@​cato.​org.

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