Book Forum

Oxymorons: The Myth of a U.S. Health Care System

(Jossey‐​Bass, 2001)
Date and Time
December 5, 2001 1 - 2:30 PM EST
Hayek Auditorium
Featuring the author, J. D. Kleinke, President and CEO of Health Strategies Network; with comments by Paul B. Ginsburg, President, Center for Studying Health System Change; and Veronique de Rugy, Health Policy Analyst, Cato Institute.

In his new book, Oxymorons: The Myth of a U.S. Health Care System, medical economist J. D. Kleinke surveys the history and dynamics of health care and concludes that so far, “the only constant in health care is the anxious anticipation of change that never actually occurs.” Kleinke was once a strong champion of the managed care revolution. He now believes our health care system is badly broken and dysfunctional. His new three‐​point plan to streamline and simplify the health care marketplace relies on tax parity, standardized benefits, and uniform federal regulation of all health insurers. Please join us as Kleinke provides an unflinching look at our broken health care system, and Paul Ginsburg and Veronique de Rugy assess his proposed remedies.