Policy Forum

Nurturing Minds or Fostering Hatred? U.S. Involvement in Education in Muslim Countries

Date and Time
March 23, 2004 1 - 2:30 PM EST
1st floor/Wintergarden
Featuring Andrew Coulson, Mackinac Center; Omer Taspinar, Brookings Institution; Amb. Husain Haqqani, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; and Bill Evers, Hoover Institution.

Potential terrorists continue to be educated and indoctrinated in thousands of militant schools around the globe. Several Western nations, including the United States, are attempting to deal with the problem of Islamist indoctrination by encouraging governments in the Muslim world to modify the curricula used in radical schools and funding the expansion of free government education to attract families away from those schools. Will these approaches succeed? Author and scholar Andrew Coulson suggests several alternative strategies to those being employed today, including fostering the growth of fee‐​charging private schools that are already drawing students away from both Islamic and government schools that preach intolerance. Omer Taspinar and Husain Haqqani will comment on Coulson’s proposal as well as provide insights from their own research on education in Muslim countries. Bill Evers will add observations about his recent experience in Iraq.