National Security and Double Government

Oxford University Press, 2014

Book Forum
November 21, 2014
1:00PM to 2:30PM EST
Hayek Auditorium
Featuring the author Michael Glennon, Professor of International Law, Fletcher School, Tufts University; with comments by Gene Healy, Vice President, Cato Institute; and Jeremy Shapiro, Fellow, Brookings Institution; moderated by Justin Logan, Director, Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute.
In National Security and Double Government, Michael Glennon examines the continuity in U.S. national security policy from the Bush administration to the Obama administration. Glennon explains the lack of change by pointing to the enervation of America’s “Madisonian institutions,” namely, the Congress, the presidency, and the courts. In Glennon’s view, these institutions have been supplanted by a “Trumanite network” of bureaucrats who make up the permanent national security state. National security policymaking has been removed from public view and largely insulated from law and politics. Glennon warns that leaving security policy in the hands of the Trumanite network threatens Americans’ liberties and the republican form of government. Please join us for a discussion of this timely book.