Media Misconceptions about the Crisis in Venezuela 

Live Online
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
1:00 – 1:30PM EDT

Featuring Juan Carlos Hidalgo, policy analyst on Latin America at Cato’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity; moderated by Caleb Brown, host of the Cato Daily Podcast

With tensions in Venezuela at a boiling point, the worsening humanitarian and economic crisis continues to capture headlines across the U.S. But how accurate are the media reports on Venezuela’s political upheaval? Latin American policy analyst Juan Carlos Hidalgo will clarify some of the common misconceptions repeated in news coverage of the crisis and share his outlook on what’s next for the troubled nation.

This special online‐​only series is an opportunity to hear from Cato’s policy staff. Please send any questions or comments ahead of time to respond to during the event in the window below or send to Harrison Moar at jferencik@​cato.​org.

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