Capitol Hill Briefing


Cato Film Series for Interns

Date and Time
July 12, 2004 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
B-354 Rayburn House Office Building
Featuring John Stossel’s provocative ABC News documentaries.

Is greed society’s enemy or best friend? Is the federal government a successful problem solver or an expensive failure? Why do some nations flourish while others flounder? John Stossel, co‐​anchor of 20/20 and commentator of 20/20’s “Give Me a Break,” takes a serious and entertaining look at these important questions in a three‐​part series being shown in July on Capitol Hill by the Cato Institute. Washington, D.C., interns are invited to join us for lunch and Stossel’s provocative investigation of these questions and his answers to these questions – that society and individuals alike are best served by applying the tested American principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government to solve problems for which others often seek to use government force.

Everybody thinks “greed” is bad. But are we all greedy? Why do we want more? How much is enough? In search of answers, Stossel discovers that in order to get money from people, you generally have to provide value for them in return, so everybody wins. He also examines how the profit motive has spurred civilization’s accomplishments. Why is greed so vilified?