Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

Book Forum
September 14, 2010 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

1st floor/Wintergarden

Featuring Dick Armey, Chairman, FreedomWorks, Former House Majority Leader, and Main Author of the Contract with America; and Matt Kibbe, President and CEO, FreedomWorks, Former Director of the Federal Budget Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; moderated by Roger Pilon, Vice President for Legal Affairs, Cato Institute.

Nothing has so changed and energized American politics in recent years as has the grassroots Tea Party movement that sprang up in 2009. In rallies, marches, and town-hall meetings since then, hundreds of thousands of Americans have turned out to protest the boundless growth of government spending, regulation, and debt, and call for the restoration of America's basic principles: individual liberty; fiscal responsibility; and, most important, limited constitutional government.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans haven't known quite what to make of the movement. To help them, and all Americans, understand, Give Us Liberty, the new book by Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe, provides "an intimate history of the movement" and what it means for America. Please join us to learn more.