The Future of Federal Highway Finance: Diversions, Deficits, or Devolution?

Policy Forum
May 17, 2012 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT

Hayek Auditorium

Featuring Randal O’Toole, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute; Adrian Moore, Vice President of Policy, Reason Foundation; and Ron Utt, Adjunct Fellow, Maryland Public Policy Institute; moderated by Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute.

Amidst congressional debate over the future of federal surface transportation funding, one fact stands out: the gasoline tax is increasingly less viable as a source of highway user fees. Inflation, increasing fuel economy, and electric cars have eroded the amount drivers pay per mile by two‐​thirds since 1956, when Congress created the Interstate Highway System. What are the alternatives? What is the future of highway financing? Please join us to hear insights about the current funding system and what will be coming down the road.