Policy Forum

The Future of the European Common Agricultural Policy and Global Trade Liberalization

Date and Time
October 27, 2006 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Featuring Patrick Messerlin, Director, Groupe d’Economie Mondiale, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris; with comments by Daniel Griswold, Director, Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato Institute; and moderated by Marian Tupy, Policy Analyst, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity.

Last year, Sir Charles Crawford, the British ambassador to Poland, called the European Common Agricultural Policy “the most stupid, immoral state‐​subsidized policy in human history, give or take communism.” In spite of partial reform, the CAP remains an immensely wasteful farm subsidy program that harms European consumers as well as some producers in developing countries. The CAP is also one the most important obstacles to the successful conclusion of the Doha Round of negotiations on global trade liberalization. Patrick Messerlin, one of the world’s leading authorities on agricultural protectionism, will discuss the prospects for CAP’s reform and for the future of Doha.