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Emergency Economic Summit for Greece

Date and Time
May 19, 2015 11 AM - 6:10 PM EDT
Athens, Greece
Featuring Thomas Sargent, Nobel laureate in economics; Simeon Djankov, former deputy prime minister of Bulgaria; Ivan Miklos, former deputy prime minister of Slovakia; Lajos Bokros, former minister of finance of Hungary; Juan Jose Daboub, former managing director of the World Bank; Sven Otto Littorin, former minister of employment of Sweden; and others. Cosponsored with the Atlas Network.

Emergency Economic Summit for Greece official page

Greece has been in the spotlight for more than five years since the country’s debt crisis erupted. Throughout that time, the attention of the international community and of the country’s political class has been on the negotiations about bailouts and repayment of public debt, Greece’s place in the Eurozone, and on “austerity” programs implemented by successive Greek governments. The Greek economy cannot continue on its present path, going from bailout to bailout, loan to loan, crisis to crisis. Now is the time for a frank discussion with the Greek public and Greek policy makers about what has to happen to set the country on the path towards fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and prosperity. Successful economic reformers and leading academics will present a realistic diagnosis of the Greek government’s problems as well as the policy changes that will return the country to growth and prosperity.

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