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Education Myths: What Special‐​Interest Groups Want You to Believe about Our Schools — and Why it Isn’t So

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2005)

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Featuring the author, Jay P. Greene, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute and Chair, Department of Education Reform, University of Arkansas, with comments by Howard Nelson, American Federation of Teachers

In this book, Jay P. Greene of the Manhattan Institute examines 18 widely held beliefs about American education, concluding that they just aren’t true. In addition to myths about class size and teacher pay, he debunks common views about special education (special education programs burden public schools), certification (certified or more experienced teachers are more effective), graduation (nearly all students graduate from high school), draining (choice harms public schools), segregation (private schools are more racially segregated), and a host of other hotly debated issues. Come join us for an interesting discussion of the key issues in American education.