Policy Forum

The Devil’s Footpath: A Young Person’s Journey through Africa

Date and Time
1st floor/Wintergarden
Featuring June Arunga, Inter‐​Region Economic Network, Nairobi, Kenya, and George Ayittey, Department of Economics, American University.

“Africa could be the best place on earth, but instead our best and brightest minds are leaving the continent in the millions.” So says June Arunga, a 22‐​year‐​old Kenyan law student who’s facing the same dilemma. Should she stay or should she go? To find an answer to that question, June embarked on a 5000‐​mile, six‐​week, soul‐​searching journey, traveling the length of Africa through Egypt, Sudan, Congo, Angola, Namibia and, finally, South Africa. Those six conflict‐​riven countries span the African continent and comprise “The Devil’s Footpath,” a new BBC documentary. Join us to see an excerpt from the film and hear Ms. Arunga expand on the importance of the rule of law and free markets in bringing about Africa’s renewal. Professor George Ayittey will provide insights from his own research and experiences in Africa.