Press Conference

The Death of the G8

Date and Time
April 18, 2006 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Zenger Room, <br />National Press Club, <br />Washington, D.C.

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The Russian government is worlds apart from other members of the G8 on fundamental policy issues, basic values, ideology, institutions, and modus operandi. Both economic and political freedom is decreasing in Russia. The G8 — as a club of nations that favor modernity and democracy — is dead, yet some G7 governments continue to lend solid support to an increasingly authoritarian Russia. With the G8 summit in St. Petersburg less than three months away, Andrei Illarionov will discuss how the West’s attitude toward Moscow is affecting the Kremlin’s domestic and foreign policy decisions.

Featuring Andrei Illarionov, Former economic adviser to the Russian President.