Book Forum

The Cuban Revolution and the United States: A History in Documents 1958–1960

(U.S. Cuba Press, 2002)

Date and Time
November 19, 2002 5 - 6:30 PM EST
1st floor/Wintergarden
Featuring the editor, Mark Falcoff, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute; with comments by William LeoGrande, Acting Dean, School of Public Affairs, American University.

The break in relations between the United States and Cuba more than 40 years ago is still widely misunderstood, according to Mark Falcoff. In his new book, Falcoff compiles official U.S. documents, many of which were recently declassified, that dispel numerous myths about Washington’s reaction to the Cuban revolution. Chief among them is the notion that the United States somehow pushed Castro into the Soviet camp. Falcoff will discuss why the historical record is relevant to the current debate on U.S. policy toward the island. William LeoGrande will critique Falcoff’s interpretation and question whether Washington is still misinterpreting the present situation in Cuba.