Cato University 2011

Summer Seminar on Political Economy

July 24 - 25, 2011 • Loews Annapolis Hotel • Annapolis, MD

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About Cato University 2011

Cato University heads east for 2011! After several terrific years of presentations in San Diego, Cato University will be unfolding this summer within the rich historical culture and waterside ambiance of Annapolis, Maryland – one of our country’s original colonial cities. With deep roots in the debates and events that were instrumental in shaping our country’s commitments to liberty and limited government, Annapolis is a perfect setting for experiencing Cato University’s immersion into economic, philosophical, and historical principles – and into the foundations of libertarianism and individual liberty.

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The Setting
In Annapolis, Cato University participants will be part of a community where historical debates about freedom and liberty over three centuries ago became part of our nation's fabric and character. Annapolis is a charming colonial city nestled on the Chesapeake Bay. It was here, in the oldest capital building in the nation, that our Continental Congress met. And it was here in 1783 that General George Washington handed in his resignation to Congress, establishing the principle of civilian control of the military.

The Loews Annapolis Hotel is one of the city's best luxury hotels. Its central location puts you within walking distance to all the major sites: the Chesapeake Bay, the Naval Academy, the Maryland State House, and more. The location, along with the hotel's world-class facilities, promise to make this Cato University a unique and not-to-be-missed experience.

Price Specially Reduced for 2011
To make this wonderful program as accessible to as many people as possible, we've lowered the cost of Cato University this year to $995. This price covers all meals, receptions, lectures, materials, books, and evening events, but not overnight room charges. However, we've arranged a low room rate for all Cato University participants.

The Faculty (Partial Listing)
Prof. Robert McDonald, United States Military Academy
Prof. Donald Boudreaux, George Mason University
Dr. Robert Levy, Chairman, Cato Institute
Mr. Edward H. Crane, President, Cato Institute
Mr. David D. Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute
Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
Prof. Lynne Kiesling, Department of Economics, Northwestern University
Radley Balko, Senior Writer, Huffington Post
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), dinner speaker on Tuesday, July 26th

Cato University General Information
Cato University is the Cato Institute's premier educational event of the year. This annual program brings together outstanding faculty and participants from across the country and, often, from around the globe – all sharing a commitment to liberty and learning. Its widening popularity is due to not only the quality of the attendees, faculty and topics, but the opportunity it provides participants to form new and enduring friendships, and for sharing experiences and perspectives in a one-of-a-kind, brain-energizing environment.

Would you like to meet like-minded people from all over? Have a spectacular vacation while sharing ideas on liberty, free markets, economics, history, philosophy, individual rights, the dangers of a sprawling and intruding government – among other subjects? If so, Cato University is definitely for you.

If you are unable to attend Cato University but would like to contribute to the Bastiat Scholarship Program to support student attendance – click here. SPECIAL NOTE: Please indicate that you would like your donation directed to the Cato University scholarship program in the optional Comments box at the end of the contribution form.

And – are you interested in another type of learning experience – own your own, at your own pace? We are delighted to now have the Cato University Home Study Course available. The 12 modules of this program are available separately or together – as downloads or on CD.