Capitol Hill Briefing

Canning Spam: Can We Shift the Cost of Unsolicited E‐​mail Back to Spammers?

Date and Time
June 13, 2003 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
B-369 Rayburn House Office Building

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It’s cheap to send e‐​mail, and spammers are taking advantage. To protect our Internet inboxes from choking on record levels of unsolicited e‐​mail, the Federal Trade Commission is targeting fraudulent and deceptive spam. Meanwhile, members of Congress are proposing new legislative fixes, ranging from fines to labeling requirements for commercial e‐​mail. Our speakers will discuss the impact of these approaches and some possible unintended consequences. They will also explore some emerging private sector solutions.

Featuring Orson Swindle, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission; Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., Director of Technology Policy, Cato Institute; and Dave Baker, Vice President for Law and Public Policy, Earthlink.