Broadband and the Markets: Perspectives from the Investment Community

Policy Forum
July 24, 2001 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM EDT


Featuring Doug Ashton, Bear Stearns; Blake Bath, Lehman Brothers; Scott Cleland, Precursor Group; Erik Olbeter, Schwab Capital Markets.

This panel of respected telecom industry analysts will discuss the ongoing debate over telecom industry regulation, deregulation, and broadband deployment. They will be asked to discuss various proposals currently before Congress and the FCC and to assess the impact of those measures on markets and consumers. For example: How well is the market working? How can Washington policymakers speed up deployment, competition, or both? Which goal is more important, a plethora of competitors or an expansion of broadband deployment? And does the market really pay attention to bills and what specific policymakers do and say on any given day? Finally, where are telecom stocks headed if the status quo prevails? Which sectors will be the big winners? Which will be the losers?

Read the event transcript (PDF, 78 pp, 139 kb)