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Bringing Transparency to the Federal Reserve

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Date and Time
June 24, 2009 12 - 2 PM EDT
Featuring Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX); with comments by Gilbert Schwartz, Partner, Schwartz & Ballen LLP, Former Associate General Counsel, Federal Reserve; and Bert Ely, President, Ely & Company, Inc. Moderated by Mark Calabria Director, Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute.

The recent financial crisis has led to a massive expansion of government involvement in our capital markets. Foremost among those interventions has been the almost tripling of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, from just over $800 billion before the crisis to almost $2.3 trillion now. Even more astounding is that the increase, with its massive exposure of loss to the American taxpayer, has been conducted with almost no oversight from Congress. Rep. Ron Paul has long led efforts to bring greater transparency and accountability to the workings of government. Join us for a discussion on increasing the public transparency of the Federal Reserve.