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Blessing or Scourge? Capitalism through the Eyes of Pope Francis

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Date and Time
September 15, 2015 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Hayek Auditorium
Featuring John Garvey, President, The Catholic University of America; Michael Sean Winters, Journalist, National Catholic Reporter; and Jay W. Richards, Executive Editor, The Stream, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality; moderated by Marian L. Tupy, Editor, Human​Progress​.org.

By returning the focus of the Catholic Church to the plight of the poor, Pope Francis has become much loved and admired. His prestige and influence is commensurate with his humanity and humility. But is Francis right about capitalism and its consequences? Is it true that capitalism is a form of exploitation that leads to poverty and inequality? Or is it the only proven way of dramatically reducing poverty and, even, achieving unprecedented material abundance? Please join our distinguished panel for a discussion of Pope Francis’s economics, and the Papal interpretation of economic history and the state of the world.