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A Better Choice: Healthcare Solutions for America

(Independent Institute, 2015)

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Date and Time
July 22, 2015 12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Hayek Auditorium
Featuring the author John C. Goodman, Senior Fellow, Independent Institute, and President, Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research; with comments and moderated by Michael F. Cannon.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — remains highly controversial and faces ongoing legal and political challenges. Polls show that by a large margin Americans remain opposed to the healthcare law. However, the question is: replace it with what?

In A Better Choice: Healthcare Solutions for America, John C. Goodman provides a way out of the healthcare quagmire. Join us to hear from Mr. Goodman, as well as Cato’s own Michael F. Cannon.