After Victory: A Strategy for Exiting the Persian Gulf

Capitol Hill Briefing
May 2, 2003 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT

B-338 Rayburn House Office Building

Featuring Christopher Preble, Director, Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute; and Charles Peña, Director, Defense Policy Studies, Cato Institute.

The American military scored a decisive victory in Iraq, toppling Saddam Hussein's tyrannical regime with ease. Now that the military mission is complete, the United States should move immediately to transfer authority to the new government of Iraq and remove U.S. troops from the region. Cato scholars Christopher Preble and Charles Peña will discuss the benefits of a swift U.S. withdrawal and address some of the common objections to such a strategy. They will also discuss the pitfalls of the alternative plan of lengthy U.S. occupation combined with active U.S. support for particular Iraqi individuals or groups.