Steve Forbes Talks Social Security at Cato Forum

August 20, 1999 • Commentary

On Saturday, August 14 the Cato Institute and the Public Interest Institute cosponsored an informational forum on Social Security reform in Ames, Iowa, site of the Republican Straw Poll. Among the speakers was presidential candidate Steve Forbes, the runner‐​up in the Straw Poll. Following is an excerpt from Mr. Forbes’ speech, and a link to the audio of the entire forum:

“Social Security is one of those situations that’s seen as a huge problem, as the Baby Boomers begin to retire in the early part of the next century. But if you just look at it in another way, and maybe it’s just my business background that enables me to do it, I see it, as you see it, as an enormous opportunity. We have the chance to enact the greatest empowerment act since the Homestead Act or the GI Bill of Rights. This could be a reform that will help all Americans, and that will help most those with the least.”

RealPlayer G2 The Future of Social Security (audio only)